viernes, 18 de junio de 2010

DAY 1 (Part of it)

Así comenzó la visita de Curse y Erik a México el pasado Sábado 12 de Junio...

We hit the ground running after an all-nighter at LIT NYC. We had 1.5 days before we have to start working on the installation...first mission, find something weird...
SONORA MARKET aka El Mercardo de la Magia aka "witchcraft market". It contains the greatest concentration of shamans, santeros, practicioners of voodoo and natural remedies in the also has a very intriguing pop culture element in the overwhelming product packaging and iconography...have a look...catch up with you manana' when we head to the pyramids!

Curse Mackey

Les compartimos algunas fotos de esta visita al Mercado de Sonora, todas las fotos son de ERIK FOSS

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