miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

VANS presenta - DRAW : México

Con Erik Foss, Curse Mackey e invitados especiales...

Aquí unas palabras de Curse:
What's up rockers. My name is Curse Mackey. I am a musician, DJ, sometimes-still-a-skater, and an art curator. I am on a trip to Mexico City with my partner Erik Foss, he skates, is a sick artist and also owns the Fuse Gallery in NYC, which is the epicenter of emerging contemporary art in NYC. Fuse Gallery also happens to be in the back of Erik's bar - LIT - which I consider the cultural epicenter of debauchery and the coolest hang in NYC. Lit and Fuse Gallery act as HQ for DRAW. We debuted DRAW at Fuse Gallery in 2006.

DRAW is an ongoing art exhibit, five years running, made up of over 500 drawings from the best minds we know...and our best friends. It's art by rock stars, filmmakers, street punks, skaters, illustrators, lovers, haters, mental masterbators and space invaders. A collective (un)conscious of our combined illustrated chaos.

Flash forward to now. Mid-June 2010. Foss and I are in Mexico City for our first museum showing of DRAW.

With this blog Erik and I will share our vision and experience, the people we meet, the insanity of our project and what we see when we are putting on the DRAW Exhibit. It's not always pretty but it's pretty interesting.

Thanks to VANS for keeping us moving in style since we were both kids. This museum exhibition is a dream brought to reality and Vans is the only sponsor we have brought with us. Vans is helping us take the art of our friends to the museum level and around the world so we can share it with you.

Viva Vans. Viva Draw. Viva Yo!

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