miércoles, 14 de julio de 2010

Curators Update. The Pyramids and the rest of Day 2.

Update from Mackey (co-curator, DRAW).

Since our last curator update the VANS crew has posted some great pics from the
DRAW opening at Museo De La Ciudad De Mexico.
Good times for sure and a super receptive crowd. Foss and I will elaborate on the opening later. We are still enjoying sharing the early part of our trip to Mexico City.
Of course the Pyramids are timeless and awe-inspiring.
In contrast, we really enjoyed the immediacy of the hand-painted advertisements that run the stretch of highway from Mexico City to the pyramids. On first glance the colorful, hand-painted lettering appears to be graffiti, but actually these signs are constantly changing to promote concerts, sporting and nightclub events. From the heiroglyphics in the pyramids to the billboards along the mexican highway, people still find creative, colorful ways to get their message across using paint and stone. So here are more photos taken by Erik Foss and myself from our trip to the pyramids at Teotihuacan and the ride back to our hotel, CondesaDF. (A great place to stay when in the DF!)

In the next update we'll share our experience installing the 500 piece art exhibition known as DRAW!!

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Curse Mackey

jueves, 1 de julio de 2010


Ayer visitamos nuevamente la exposición de Draw, ahora con el propósito de buscar las piezas más significativas de el Sk8
Checa las piezas que escogimos
Te invitamos a que tú escojas tus piezas favoritas.
Esta obra se exhibe en el Museo de la Ciudad de México.
Cerca del Metro Pino Suárez, en el D.F.

Checa aquí la selección completa.